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Pole and long distance waggler fishing on Whittle Dean in Northumberland  (July 2010 edition)

A positive approach to bread punch fishing on the Grand Union Canal at Bugbrooke

Catching bream on the pole German Style !   Big bream from deep canals and rivers.

Irish Festivals - winning the "Classic" on the Erne around Enniskillen. Tackle, tactics and groundbait.

Catching big Roach on caster from Gloucester Park, Basildon, Essex

Big Bream and Tench from the margins of Northlands Park, Balisdon, Essex

Drennan Knockout Cup - Bream Bagging on the River Thames at Medley, Oxford

Tactics and tackle for Breadpunch Fishing on the Chelmer Canal at Maldon in Essex

4-times World Champion Bob Nudd in an interview by matchfishing magazine (february 2011)

Rig it like a champ: Four times World Champ Bob Nudd gives you the definitive guide to pole elastication.

Suss out snake lakes:
Terry Edwards gives tips for catching more carp form Puddledock Farm Snake Lake in Essex.

Bob explains pole elastics and shows his 4 favourite pole floats and how he uses them for Carp & Silverfish.

Browning stars Simon Colclough and Adam Richards have a pole vs rod & line match at Whiteacres festival venue, Porth Reservoir, Cornwall.

Bob Nudd shows how beat the wind with the waggler on Kestral, Westwood Lakes, Lincolnshire.

Bob loves bream fishing, but these days it's mainly in Ireland. So he was delighted to discover a lake closer to home where the slab run big …

Hooking big fish on the pole is one thing, landing them is another. Bob Nudd shows how to bank monsters without smashing your kit.

A careful baiting strategy is needed for Bob Nudd when he visits a beautiful commercial fishery in the Midlands.

The new Browning Force feeder rod tackles commercial carp with a light touch and a great through-action

Any leftover cheese? Bob Nudd had some ... and he knew exactly what to do with it!

More about the World champ’s tactical masterclass.

Adam Richards: Match ace ditches his float to catch roach shallow